Programm der Freien Radios Österreichs, Sa. 20.2., 13-14h

Open Mic: Bringing Communities into Radio [EurEvalRadio Part 2]
Sendeübernahme aus der Reihe “RadioStadt” auf Radio Helsinki, Graz
Zweiter Teil der Serie zu Community Radio. Der erste Teil war auf CR 94.4 im Rahmen des World Radio Day zu hören.
Fascination Radio – What Community Radio means to us. We interviewed each other.
In English.
The story of Shamim stands for so many women, who are brilliant moms, run a household, but stay away from social life and get isolated. Radio encourages to overcome fears, to participate, to speak as a woman.
More stories of community broadcasters to be heard: Irena from Athlone Community Radio (Irland), Mary and Shamin from Bradford Community Broadcast (England), Riccardo from Novaradio – Florence (Italy), Martina and Robert from Radio Student – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Carmen and Miriam from Radio Enlace – Madrid (Spain), Maiada from Radio Orange – Vienna (Austria).
The broadcast was recorded by the participants and edited by Walther Moser. Recorded during a weeklong meeting in Vienna, funded by Erasmus + Project (EurEvalRadio), organized by COMMIT, 18.-22.1. 2016.
Redakteur_innen: Carmen Valencia Lopez, Irena Cvetkovic, Maiada Gassan Hadaja, Martina Dervaric, Mary Dawson, Miriam Vilard, Riccardo Pinzauti, Robert Mohoric, Shamim Akhtar, Walther Moser
Warpaint: “Drive”
Hindi Zhara: “Set me free”
Modest Mouse: “The Ground Walks, with Time in a Box”