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Feber 24, 2021

Volunteer Stories, Do. 25.2., 16-17h

Season 2 episode 14 of Volunteer Stories features Mark Levine. Mark was a full-time volunteer with the Western Service Workers Association (WSWA) for 29 years. The WSWA is a free and voluntary membership association built by and for their membership of low-income service, domestic, in-home care, part-time and temporary workers since 1975. The WSWA’s self-help […]

Feber 11, 2021

Volunteer Stories, Do. 11.2., 16-17h

Season 2 episode 13 of Volunteer Stories features Clara, the founder of Clara Non-Profit DIY, a Shanghai-based organisation which upcycles disused textile materials through volunteer workshops. At the workshops volunteers make valuable crafts which once finished are sold to raise funds for disadvantaged children in China. Over the past three years Clara has held 300 […]

Jänner 27, 2021

Volunteer Stories, Do. 28.1., 16-16:30h

Season 2 episode 12 of Volunteer Stories features Cale Homes who volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in Madagascar when he was 12 years old. You may recognise Cale from season 2 episode 8 where he talked about volunteering for Food Not Bombs.  Habitat for Humanity is a global non-profit housing organisation working in approximately 70 […]

Jänner 13, 2021

Volunteer Stories, Do. 14.1., 16-17h

Season 2 episode 11 of Volunteer Stories features two university students named Lee and Sapphire. Both students volunteer for activity clubs at their university. Lee volunteers for the UCAS Guitar Club and Sapphire volunteers for the UCAS Cross-Culture Group. Episode 11 also includes music by The Bayonettes, Lee, and Feature Creep. If you would like […]

Dezember 23, 2020

Volunteer Stories, Do. 24.12., 16-17h

Season 2 episode 10 of Volunteer Stories features Alejandra Vasquez

Dezember 2, 2020

Volunteer Stories, Do. 3.12., 17-18h

[:de]Season 2 episode 9 of Volunteer Stories features Carl Wang from Beijing, China