In terms of a future-proof education, a professional studio environment has been created . In addition, only devices were used, which are also found in professional and/or commercial environments. Also, attention is paid to compatibility with already at the Fachhochschule study programs available material, on the one hand to have backup solutions and on the other hand can form parallel to the current send operation. Our studio can be taken completely from the transmitter to it to practice the technique and the moderation OffAir , the listener will not notice and continues to hear the pre-programmed schedule .

As a mixer desk of the company LAWO is employed. Products of this company can be found in many large commercial studios. Five monitors always allow to have all information in view . From a separate computer , the studio can also be used directly to record a program without disturbing the broadcast. The studio is further designed such that a central server can be accessed from the editorial section and audio editing computers, as well vice versa. This makes it possible to bring broadcasts as soon as possible on the air.
The shipment processing also follows the principle of professional and operated my OnAir products of the company Zenon Media, which is represented in many Austrian radio stations. The creation of playlists takes on the software Music Master , in the more than 20,000 songs to specified rules and schemas schedules can be created.

You can reach the studio by telephone, or the Moderators involve their audience over a telephone hybrid at any time.

To enable radio broadcasters can programming their broadcasts even from home into the system remote access by FTP or mp3 stream is possible. So also radio makers may have limited mobility problems produce programs and send them by their own. Of course, the studio is also accessible.