How do I become a radio maker? You are interested in making radio? You have always wanted to participate and produce your own radio show?

At Campus & City Radio 94.4 in St. Pölten you have the possibility to make your dream come true.

As a free radio station, we offer a platform for topics that interest you and your environment. We lie emphasis on topics that are often neglected in other media channels. For instance we already have radio shows concerning social work and integration in our program. But of course you are welcome with any topical suggestions for a radio show, no matter if it is a jazz show, a science talk or a satirical format – because laughing together lightens up life!

You can also create a radio show in your own mother tongue. English, Turkish, Georgian – you chose your target group and inform your listeners about your culture and concerns. Because integration greatly matters to us.

Free access for everyone is very important to us: Because of the right technical equipment, also wheelchair users have the possibility to moderate their own show.  Our studio is reachable with an elevator and our microphones can be moved in height. This also means that kids are more than welcome to come to our studio and stand behind the microphones – we gladly produce shows with a whole group of pupils!

We regularly have free workshops to teach you the necessary skills:

  • Moderation and creating features
  • Recording and cutting
  • Studio technique and
  • Media – and copyright

Please send requests to []

You can already apply and ask us your personal questions or let us know if you want to see the radio studio – please mail to:

We are looking forward to meeting you!

You are a student of the FH St. Pölten and want to work for the Campus & City Radio 94.4? 

We offer practical experience in the sectors of moderation, creating features, music editorial, technique und marketing!

As a student of the FH St.Pölten you have the possibility to take the elective „Campusradio“, no matter what your course of study is. There you can learn the basics from radio expert and FM4 moderator Dave Dempsey.

Of course you can put your skills into practice during the semester: You can for instance interview your favorite bands if they come to St. Pölten! Or you can create your own radio show!

Scared of the microphone? Scared of the mixing desk? There is no need to be scared! You can moderate your first radio show together with Dave Dempsey, which means learning by doing while having a lot of fun. You can listen to the show CR 101 every Tuesday from 18-19 o’clock.

You prefer working in the background? You can learn a lot in that sector as well! For instance in the music editorial or in our marketing team. Because we need committed assistants that help us organize events in and around St. Pölten – and that can celebrate with us, of course

If you want to know when the next info evening is, how the registration for the elective works or if you are just curious – come visit us on the first floor of the FH St.Pölten. Or just contact us:

We are looking forward to meeting you!